Executive MBAABA's 100% online initiative provides professional leaders with an opportunity to fully complete an international Executive MBA program while advancing their career in the most student-friendly and efficient way.

Specialize in Organizational LeadershipProject ManagementTalent DevelopmentRisk Management, or Financial Accounting.

Earn an Executive MBA built for your busy schedule. ABA helps you develop an entrepreneurial mindset through a flexible, fully online format. Get mentored by faculty with international hands-on, knowledge, and experience.  This is neither an accredited program nor a degree one. Do not confuse this program with a Masters in Business Administration. This is a special program designed and offered by American Business Academy to help professional leaders advance their competencies.

Professional leaders may graduate in an 10 months, but have the flexibility they need to either take classes part-time or full-time.  The 100% online courses are offered 5 times a year, enabling you to start when it is most convenient for you.


If you’re planning a professional career in business, getting your Executive MBA can help further your goal.

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Throughout the course, you are expected to learn and apply solutions to real strategic and operational challenges at both the tactical knowledge and mid-level insights. The course themes include: Business Strategy, Budgeting, and Organizational Management.

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